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Potential Surrogates
A solution to infertility or other related issues is through donors, traditional surrogacy, egg donors gestational carrier or embryo donation. In order to be selected as a surrogate, a potential surrogate needs to find someone interested in making a family through surrogacy.  The way to be selected as a surrogate is to register with an agency, clinic or by finding a "match" on your own. Egg donation can be a rewarding experience and a wonderful way to help someone have a family. It is a  great option to help infertile couples to become parents.
Intended Parents
A professional can actively search for surrogates or egg donors or intended parents and can find and qualify a surrogate or egg donor on their own.
Part of the challenge for intended parents is to find someone suitable for surrogacy or egg donation. Choosing a surrogate includes reviewing and approving complete medical records, checking family history, social history and education level.

What is Surrogacy?
Interested in matching with a potential surrogate or egg donor? Would you like to publicize your interest in building a family through surrogacy. We can help you with a match. 

 Professional Help
Physicians, psychologists and other medical professions can be found to help all parties interested in surrogacy.  Attorneys are available to help intended parents who have already chosen a surrogate or egg donor.

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Providing Parent Profiles to attract surrogates.

Link to your existing website or an Intended Parent Profile. The profiles are affordable and provides more exposure.

With a username and password you will be able to access your fill-in-the-blank profile builder, edit text and photos anytime. No experience necessary. Its easy!

With a profile site builder you will receive a unique web address (URL) that can be used to link to other surrogate sites.

This is an opportunity to save money and control your web content.

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  Interested in being a surrogate, Egg Donor or Intended Parent? You can search for your match at  Parent Profiles.
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